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After two months,$25,000 and hundreds of pages of reports and exhibits, the report by investigator Rebecca Dean on the allegations against Chief Jon Fehlman by the police Guild is complete.

At the same time the report was released to the public, Interim City Manager Morgan Smith also announced that Fehlman has resigned.

Although the no confidence vote is no longer relevant to the question of whether Fehlman should stay, it is the clearest publicly available indication of the attitudes and thinking of Guild members and deserves careful consideration as the City moves forward with its anticipated police management study.

Smith directed Dean to investigate the allegations made in the Guild’s vote of no confidence, taken in June. Although Guild leadership has said its most significant complaint about Fehlman is his leadership style, Smith told Dean she was not to investigate allegations related to his performance in that areas or to policy matters “for which determinations or assessments would be subjective rather than fact-based.” Smith further instructed Dean not to investigate allegations related to the Ostling litigation, “which represents ongoing litigation.” (more…)

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I was hoping the Bainbridge Island Police Guild and its supporters would have the patience to wait for Rebecca Dean to complete her investigation of the charges in its no confidence vote against Chief Jon Fehlman and issue her report to the City. Her report was originally estimated to take 4-6 weeks to complete, which means it may be issued any day now.

Unfortunately, the Guild is attempting to try its charges against Chief Fehlman in the court of public opinion, rather than wait for the investigation process to be completed. A couple of weeks ago, the Guild posted a feature, “The Truth Patrol,” on its website, which takes aim at an unnamed blogger (yours truly) as well as City Manager Morgan Smith (see the end of this post) and Chief Fehlman. Today, former Bainbridge Police officer Scott Anderson has sent a Trippwire missive, touting the “Truth Patrol” and its “honest information.” As a result, I’m posting the responsive email I sent to Morgan Smith and Guild President Bob Day.

Dear Bob and Morgan,

Kim Hendrickson sent out a link to the guild’s website, where there is a response to my post about the chief’s admin leave.

It’s unfortunate that the guild has chosen to put more heavy handed spin into the public record. It looks now as if the guild is trying to step up political pressure on the City Manager in a manner that is troubling.

I took copious notes during my interview with the lieutenants and I stand by my characterization of their remarks. Bob Day posted a comment on the post, noting one correction, which I made. If he had a problem with the accuracy of anything else in the article he certainly would have corrected that as well, but he did not.¬† (more…)

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