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Emails released under the Public Records Act suggest that Interim City Manager Morgan Smith will put police Chief Jon Fehlman on paid administrative leave as soon as he is well enough to assist in the investigation into the Bainbridge Police Guild’s no confidence vote.

The Guild took a vote of no-confidence in Fehlman’s leadership on June 11, after he’d been out on medical leave for a month due to pancreatitis and a heart condition. He was so ill he could not attend any portion of the Ostling trial in May, even though he was a named defendant in the high profile case involving the shooting death of a mentally ill man by a Bainbridge police officer. A jury determined that Fehlman and the City of Bainbridge Island failed to train its officers in dealing with the mentally ill and returned a $1 million verdict.

Defense lawyers have requested a new trial for Fehlman because of his inability to appear in court and testify in his own defense.

On June 15, Smith engaged lawyer and independent investigator Rebecca Dean to investigate the allegations contained in the vote of no confidence. Dean’s work is expected to take four to six weeks.  (more…)

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