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One bold idea floated by Islanders for Collaborative Policing is that the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code should be amended to change the penalties associated with its “minor in possession of alcohol” provision (MIP).

You have to give ICP this much: they’re looking at new ways to address a chronic problem on which we never seem to make much progress.

Teenage drinking is one of the most intractable and painful problems that parents and communities face. Anyone who watched Ken Burns’ “Prohibition” knows how much young Americans loved to drink in our grandparents’ time.  Alcohol and youth have been a potent combination since the ancient Greeks. Dionysus, the god of wine, was an underage drinker.

In spite of several thousand years of history, adults pretend we can conquer teen drinking with our magical parenting techniques and Enough Information. On Bainbridge Island, we’ve had no shortage of information-packed conferences, classes and task forces on substance use and risky teen behavior, with multiple experts assuring audiences of stricken-looking moms—-and a (very) few dads—–that if they were decent parents they could put a stop to that drinking once and for all. After those sessions, parents go home and either lay down the the no-tolerance law and drive their kids to better sneaking, or come down with a bad case of denial. (I realize there are a few of you out there with perfect kids. Feel free to judge. My kids are finally of legal age now, and pretty awesome. I admit without shame that they had some adolescent flaws.) (more…)

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