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If you haven’t had enough Fourth of July yet, I have a treat for you. Pictures! Yay!

Take a look at island photographer Jay Trinidad’s pictures of this year’s Grand Old Fourth in Winslow. They’re all there: the pipers, the sports teams, the teens on their phones, the kids in strollers, the dogs, the military, the saluting candidate for state representative (editrix’s note: please vote for his opponent, Drew Hansen.)

Check Jay out. He has a lot of interesting stuff on his website and blog.


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Barack Obama looked tired, as every candidate does these days. But with his message of hope, he inspired the 18,000 people packed into Key Arena today like no other politician I’ve seen in my adult life.  As he said about this moment in American history, “You don’t get many chances like this in life.”

It was a long wait for the main event (as you can tell from some of the pictures below). Doors opened before 11 a.m. and Obama didn’t take the stage until 1 p.m., after speeches by Representative Adam Smith, who was an early Obama backer, Seattle’s Mayor Greg Nickels and Governor Chris Gregoire, who announced her endorsement of Obama Friday morning. (more…)

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