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The City of Bainbridge Island just sent out this press release:

City officials have reported a major sewer spill in Eagle Harbor as a result of a break in the Highway 305 South sewer force main located in the vicinity of 1220 Donald Place, Bainbridge Island. Sewer plant staff received an alert early this morning for an unrelated incident and noticed remarkably low flows at the plant. Upon further investigation, it was determined that sewage was not reaching the plant, indicating a likely force main break. Crews confirmed the force main break around 3:30 p.m. today.

City personnel are currently preparing to attempt an emergency repair during the next low tide window, which is expected around 9:30 p.m. this evening. At this time, City officials do not have an estimate of the volume of sewage spilled into Eagle Harbor. However, public beaches have been closed to wading, swimming or shellfish harvesting as a precautionary measure. (more…)


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When a litigious adversary starts arguing in favor of his opponents’ position, a little skepticism is in order.

So when live-aboard critic and property rights busy beaver Gary Tripp started sending around emails about the City’s proposal to establish an open-water marina, telling the City Council to “give the liveaboards what they want,” I decided to do some beavering of my own.

I was reminded that Tripp and his group, Bainbridge Citizens United, have been mounting a serious effort to get rid of live-aboards altogether. In 2005 they sued the Washington Department of Natural Resources to force DNR to evict the live-aboards for trespassing on state-owned aquatic land. The Kitsap County Superior Court dismissed their lawsuit in January of this year, but the Tripp group has filed an appeal. (more…)

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marina.jpgTonight at 6:30 pm at City hall is the public hearing on an authorizing ordinance for an Open Water Marina in Eagle Harbor.

Community Housing Coalition director Kat Gjovik posted an excerpt from a letter in support of the marina on Green Voices for Bainbridge, in which she wrote, “As advocates for diverse, affordable housing options for our community, we collectively support this Ordinance and commit to participate in future review, discussions and planning activities regarding an open water marina in Eagle Harbor.”

But the plan hasn’t been well-received by some in the liveaboard community. In an article about the marina this week, the Kitsap Sun quoted liveaboard Dave Ullin as saying,”For government to require me to tie to a buoy or anchor within a confined reservation and charge me a fee for this ‘service’ is contrary to my nature.”

As background on the marina efforts, here’s an article I wrote for the Buzz last year: (more…)

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