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The Bainbridge Review reported yesterday that Kim Hendrickson, former Secretary and Chief Examiner of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), has turned over hundreds of pages of CSC records she had kept in her garage.

This report comes after months of high octane press reports and Trippwires over lost files and claims of retaliation by Hendrickson against former City Manager Brenda Bauer and Council member Bob Scales.

At a December City Council meeting, Bauer reported that some of the CSC files were missing. The Review wrote at the time, “After the position was transferred to a city employee and Hendrickson was terminated from the job, it was discovered that files from the years 2007 and 2008 were missing, including Benkert’s background material and other files pertaining to his testing and ranking as a candidate. Only personnel files have not been located, and no files relating to the shooting incident itself are absent.” [Jeffrey Benkert is one of the officers involved in the shooting of Douglas Ostling in 2010.]

Bauer was quoted as saying, “It is disturbing that they are missing. This is why you have a human resources professional who understands how they are organized.” (more…)


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