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Bainbridge police officer and Police Guild President Scott Weiss has been given a 160-hour suspension in lieu of termination after a Washington State Patrol investigation found that he followed Council member Kim Brackett to the home of Council member Bill Knobloch for “personal reasons.” According to a Notice of Discipline issued by City Manager Brenda Bauer and Police Chief Jon Fehlman, Weiss was on duty and in a patrol car when he followed Brackett after a meeting at City Hall in October of 2010. He blogged about her activity in the press the next day, under the pseudonym, “Hunter”, as follows:

“The true test of will for the council majority will be to continue to do the right thing and withstand the eminent onslaught of the arts & ‘cultural element’ that will surely descend on the council like a biblical plague. I am told that Kim Brackett went straight to Bill Knobloch’s house after the council meeting. No doubt to commiserate and plan the attack to try & sway or undo the council decisions.”

The Notice of Discipline noted that Weiss’s actions were directed at leaders of his employing agency, and cited numerous violations of the Bainbridge Island Police Department Canon of Ethics and General Orders Manual.

The investigation disclosed that Weiss, who admitted to blogging under the alias, posted comments on local media sites about police matters as well as City issues over a several year period.

The City initiated the investigation after Brackett made a complaint that she had seen Weiss following her and read the subsequent blog comment, and felt unsafe.

The suspension is in effect from November 9 through December 3. Weiss has the right to appeal or file a grievance.

Here are the investigation and disciplinary documents, which I obtained through a public records request to the City.

Weiss Investigation Part 1
Weiss Investigation Part 2 
Weiss Investigation Part 3 BI Review

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