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BITV denies retaliation

At the request of BITV, I’m posting the following letter to the community, which is a response by BITV to recent allegations made against BITV concerning a personnel decision. I haven’t followed this controversy and have no opinion about it. I’m posting this letter as a courtesy to BITV. 

November 18, 2008

Dear Sponsors, Partners, Viewers, and Friends,

In recent weeks you may have received communications regarding staffing at BITV. 

BITV works hard to reflect the diverse points of view among Bainbridge citizens, our viewers, our sponsors, and our staff.  Our staff selections are open to all including those who may hold or promote controversial points of view in our community.

In May, 2008 we needed to fill an open position at BITV. We contracted, on a temporary basis, to fill the position while we sought a full time employee to perform the job.  We made it very clear when we entered into the contract, that the contract was temporary and terminable by BITV at any time for any reason.  The temporary contractor did not apply for the full time position and therefore knew that the contract position would be for a very short term. (more…)


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