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Last spring, I posted a letter from islander George Beavis asking that the City give hiring preference to veterans (you can read his letter here).  Beavis says he initially got the brushoff from City Hall (see his letter and comments he posted to it). Undeterred, he found applicable Washington law setting forth a veterans’ preference in public employment, as well as a sympathetic ear in the state’s Department of Veteran Affairs. His hard work has paid off. (more…)


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On Tuesday, the Planning Department withdrew its Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (MDNS) on the Park Department’s request to replace two Battlepoint fields with artificial turf. It issued a new MDNS with stricter conditions.

The original MDNS was issued in June, shortly before the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a health advisory, warning of possible high lead exposures from artificial turf. The new conditions require written documentation from an “appropriate reviewing agency” that the turf will have no significant adverse effects on drinking water quality at the park and surrounding areas. Annual water quality reports are also required.  (more…)

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As the saga of the City’s financial problems unfolds, it’s getting a little hot in the Bainbridge kitchen. In emails, letters to the Review, and comments posted to this site and the Kitsap Sun’s, a handful of people have stepped up their complaints about the “toxic” atmosphere surrounding City Hall. These writers suggest that City Hall critics are demoralizing both City staff and electeds, creating a revolving City door, and proving ruinous to recruitment efforts.

The latest effort to quash dissent by the administration and its surrogates is only partly supported by the facts. It’s true that City staff are demoralized by personal attacks from angry citizens, which became crystal clear to me when I read some staff writings from the Amba Gale communication workshop held last fall (I quoted some of those comments in my post here). But according to an article in today’s Sun, employees are more disturbed by the continuing failure of Council and adminstration to work together.  (more…)

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July Fourth in Winslow is the biggest Bainbridge Island reunion of the year, where you see everyone you know and people you forgot you knew. Recognize anyone?



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Carol Badzik, the City’s Deputy Finance Director, has submitted her resignation. City Hall sources say she has found another job, and will be leaving the City in two weeks.

The administration has made no formal announcement about the resignation as yet. (more…)

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Here’s a copy of a letter that landed in my inbox this week (and judging from the talk around town, lots of other inboxes too). It was written by Council member Barry Peters and sent to the Council and both newspapers, so it’s a public document. I decided to post it because people are already discussing it on another article (here). No word on when it will appear in the paper.

June 30, 2008

Letter to the Editor:

Thank goodness for the human decency of the vast majority of people who live in this neighborly community. As a City Council member, I’ve recently heard from many of you who want that neighborliness, civility and decency preserved.  You’ve asked me what can be done to stop the personal attacks, and the barbed accusations of incompetence or wrongdoing, being conveyed by a few people to the employees of our City.

Yes, I agree that a relatively small number of people are engaging in this personal attack style of politics. Yes, these personal attacks have already lost us a top-notch Director of Planning. And, yes, if this brand of hostility and disrespect continues, and conspiracy theories replace collaborative problem solving, our City will lose more of its dedicated professsionals whose qualifications, long hours and commitment to public service go unnoticed amidst recurring hostility and distrust from a few. (more…)

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