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This letter was sent to me for publication by islander George Beavis.

I know there are a number of issues before the city that appear more important; but please read on. There are some attributes of this and other problems before the city seem to be a common thread.


COBI told the American Legion that they would be happy to extend veteran’s preferences in employment except that state law prevents them from doing so. I researched this and it seemed to me that it was not true. I spoke to Elray of “I can’t balance my checkbook fame” and was told the same thing [note: the writer is referring to City Finance Director Elray Konkel]. I challenged him to point to the RCW that supported his claim. He said that he would send me the references on Friday, several Fridays ago. I asked who had made the decision about the and Elray said that he had and that despite the fact that he is not a lawyer he assured me that having passed the CPA exam he was sure he was smart enough to interpret the law. When challenged on this he said the city had obtained a legal opinion from an attorney and would send a copy of this to me on Friday – several Fridays ago.



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Grab your cup of coffee and check out these links about things near and dear to islanders with a political bent:

Former City Council member Bob Scales has written a “10-Step Program for Municipal Financial Success”, now posted on the Bainbridge Island Postscript. With his four-year view from inside, Scales gives a sense for how the City fell into the poorhouse “overnight.”  (more…)

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