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bipd1.jpgI called for a supervisor ’cause I thought this is not going well and we need to make sure we are all covered here.–BIPD police officer, recalling Kim Koenig’s traffic stop

You know how it is when you’ve been pulled over by the police and you get a little dry-mouthed and guilty-looking as you fumble for your license and registration?

Well, the Bainbridge Island Police Department has gone dry-mouthed too since islander Kim Koenig started complaining about police misconduct. No matter how the facts come out, the island’s finest have made her lawyer’s job a little easier, with some guilty-looking moves of their own.

I’ve spent a few hours at the Bainbridge Island police station reading the Puyallup Police Department’s report on its criminal investigation following Koenig’s allegations. The records reveal a remarkable lack of observational and memory skills by the police during the traffic stop that led to Koenig’s arrest. Worse, after Koenig formally complained that she was assaulted by Officer Steve Cain, the BIPD destroyed written documents detailing at least one prior, relevant complaint against him. And Acting Chief Mark Duncan has refused to confirm or deny the accuracy of another officer’s statement to the Puyallup investigator that Cain was disciplined for a substantiated incident of sexual misconduct in the early 1990’s.



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