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Spring Break is time to tackle that weed garden, take a bike ride to Manitou, swim in Mexico, flip out at Crystal Springs, raft the Rogue, go to Ometepe, take a road trip with the kids, find a sunny beach, find a windswept beach. I don’t have any grand trips planned, just hanging out with my 88-year-old mom.

Check back in a couple of weeks.   

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The Bainbridge Island Police Guild has blocked access to YouTube and certain dissident websites and local feeds. The crackdown comes in response to efforts by local blogs and other media to obtain records about an internal investigation into claimed misconduct against a  BIPD officer. 

Just kidding. For a minute there I confused international news with local developments.

What really happened this week is that the Guild amended its lawsuit against the City and me to include Kitsap Sun reporter Tristan Baurick as a defendant. The lawsuit, which was filed to prevent disclosure of an investigation by the Mercer Island Police Department into possible misconduct by Bainbridge police officer Steve Cain, was amended after Baurick made a request for Cain’s records.  A preliminary injunction hearing in Kitsap Superior Court is tentatively set for April 18th at 9 a.m.  (more…)

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 momhug.gifIn the dining room of Wing Point Country Club, decorated with vases of spring tulips, glittering lights, and auction tables lined with Russian art, baskets of wine, sports tickets, vacation packages and more, it would have been easy to forget the children at the center of this outpouring of labor and generosity at the Camp Siberia auction last Saturday night.

Except that camp founder Janie Ekberg never lets anyone forget the Russian orphans who, for a few magical days every summer, leave their poverty and loneliness behind to attend a camp staffed with Bainbridge Island teenagers whose only goal is to shower them with love and undivided attention. Slides on a large screen near the Wing Point fireplace displayed pictures of past trips to Camp Siberia, where Janie and others have taken island high school students every summer since 2001.   (more…)

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bipd1.jpgI called for a supervisor ’cause I thought this is not going well and we need to make sure we are all covered here.–BIPD police officer, recalling Kim Koenig’s traffic stop

You know how it is when you’ve been pulled over by the police and you get a little dry-mouthed and guilty-looking as you fumble for your license and registration?

Well, the Bainbridge Island Police Department has gone dry-mouthed too since islander Kim Koenig started complaining about police misconduct. No matter how the facts come out, the island’s finest have made her lawyer’s job a little easier, with some guilty-looking moves of their own.

I’ve spent a few hours at the Bainbridge Island police station reading the Puyallup Police Department’s report on its criminal investigation following Koenig’s allegations. The records reveal a remarkable lack of observational and memory skills by the police during the traffic stop that led to Koenig’s arrest. Worse, after Koenig formally complained that she was assaulted by Officer Steve Cain, the BIPD destroyed written documents detailing at least one prior, relevant complaint against him. And Acting Chief Mark Duncan has refused to confirm or deny the accuracy of another officer’s statement to the Puyallup investigator that Cain was disciplined for a substantiated incident of sexual misconduct in the early 1990’s.


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yack.jpgLast week, while outgoing Bainbridge Review editor Doug Crist was turning the local news wheel over to Dennis Anstine, I quoted one of their predecessors, Suzanne Downing, in a post I wrote about public records. The Internet being a place where nothing is local, she found my article and posted a comment. We emailed and she updated me on her post-Review life from her home in Jacksonville, Florida.

She gets my nomination for a Spirit-of-Walt-Woodward award for inspirational community service.

Suzanne–whose last name is now Yack–joined the Review in 1988 and sat at the helm from 1990-1993. After she left Bainbridge, she taught journalism in Alaska and became the editor of the Juneau Empire, the capital city’s daily newspaper (note to Review and all of your parent companies: they have a great website. You should take a look, get a few ideas).  (more…)

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The Sun has posted an article about my request for documents in the Koenig police misconduct case. The article is pretty accurate about the Bainbridge Police Guild’s lawsuit against me to prevent the release of the documents. You can read my post about the records request here.

All those in favor of the Sun requesting the records and reporting what’s in them, say Aye. This is a job for the guys who get paid for it…

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The Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce has recently announced that it’s hired John Waldo as its Government Relations Coordinator. Waldo is an attorney specializing in land use, and has also been a reporter for the Bainbridge Review. Last fall he made an unsuccessful run against Bill Knobloch for City Council, on a pro-Winslow Tomorrow platform.  

The Chamber says in its March newsletter that it developed the new position “to continue to create a sustainable and vibrant economy on Bainbridge Island”  Quoting Executive Director Kevin Dwyer, the newsletter says, “In order to do so, we need a pro-active voice stressing the proper balance between the economy and the environment.” Dwyer said he believes Waldo can provide that voice in a fair, even-handed manner. (more…)

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