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Still of love they sung


In the feasting and the singing, in the decorating and the cleaning, the traveling, the well-wishing, and of course the shopping, there is still that moment of silence–always, and in everything–when you can feel your longing for light to emerge from these darkest days.  And every year the light returns, as a promise fulfilled.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May you be filled with cheer and hope, and with love, most of all.

The headline is from a carol by Italian poet Jacapone da Todi.

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It seems no one is exempt from utter confusion on some aspect of the City’s budget and Capital Facilities Plan. The Review came up short in a front page article yesterday reporting on the City Council’s year-end budget and CFP scramble. Outgoing councilman Nezam Tooloee sent this letter to editor Doug Crist, suggesting a correction (reprinted with permission of the writer):

Your front page story about passage of the budget states that council’s action to fund the work on the Winslow Way project in the 2008 budget out of the utility fund “formalized the often criticized fund plan for the project.”  As the council member who made the motion in this area which was adopted by a 6-1 vote of the council I can say without any doubt that this is at best a misunderstanding of what council did with its recent actions.   (more…)

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Bob and Nancy Fortner and their government budget-watching group, the Bainbridge Resource Group, are heroes on both sides of the island’s political aisle this week. Bob Fortner submitted a comment at yesterday’s 11th hour City Hall budget meeting, in which he decried the administration’s “gamesmanship not statesmanship.” The uber-liberal Bainbridge Island Postscript, as well as the hard right Shining City Media and property rights activist Gary Tripp, reprinted his comments in their postings/emails today. You can read his entire letter on the Postscript here. (more…)

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Okay not really.

But watching Council meetings this fall and reading the Kitsap Sun’s “Blogging live” report on last night’s Council meeting–at which next year’s budget and Capital Facilities Plan were scheduled to be approved and were not–it’s pretty clear the City has a communication problem that’s even more fundamental than City Hall watchers have previously pointed out. (more…)

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ACT like writers


Four BHS playwrights were among students from fifteen Seattle area middle and high schools to be honored Monday night for plays they wrote for this year’s ACT Theatre Young Playwrights Program. A loud and diverse crowd of teens and their adult writing mentors, with a few parents, actors, and theatre people, assembled at ACT to see a few of their plays read by professional actors, and learn whose work was selected for staged readings in theatres around Puget Sound. 


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Sign vs. Sign


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Naked naked naked

Last week’s post about the Lisa Lund calendar with its middle-aged women posing naked–“Naked women we know“–had the most views in one day of any of my posts–hundreds, in fact. I’d like to think these readers are rallying to support breast cancer research, but from Romania? Thailand? United Arab Emirates?

The Internet is fueled by sex and more sex (you should see the comments on this blog that go to the spam folder–there’s a fetish for every taste). If you want to build blog traffic, all you have to do is put “naked” in your headlines. I think I’ll stick with more modest (so to speak) numbers.  

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