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Dave Henry is putting the finishing touches on his completely revamped his 15-year-old Bainbridge Island Community Network. It’s now an island directory of links to dining spots, government agencies, community and visitor info, lodging, calendar items, news and blogs, and other useful, unusual and downright strange tidbits. His “Pizza Model of Community Structure” alone is worth the click to his site. He also has a lot of interesting info on Net Neutrality, and an outline for future articles on how the battles to keep the Internet free and publicly accessible have shaped up right here on Bainbridge. (more…)


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Ads will cost you extra

From the newspaper freakout front:

We’ve seen ample evidence that the terrors of migration from circulation-based newsprint to the free-wheeling, free-to-readers Internet make publishers periodically lose their minds in the search for some cold, hard revenue. Case in point: the Review’s Sneller ads.

Today, Crosscut reports another spasm, this one from the Tucson Citizen.

The Citizen upped the price of their Thanksgiving edition which, in news industry tradition, softens up consumer wallets for Black Friday (a bizarre retailing spasm all its own) by packing in so many advertising inserts, most papers don’t have enough news to wrap around them. (Assuring that on Thanksgiving, at least, my husband can speed to the sports section in record time after his ritual ad insert purge.) (more…)

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