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Real estate Tuesday

madisonlane1.jpgReal estate may be a bad subject for some people around here, but the real estate agents I know are huge proponents of sustainable growth, civic involvement and environmental sensitivity. Many of them volunteer large chunks of time to serve the community (and other communities in need, like New Orleans after Katrina). I’m not naming names (wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone or insult by omission). But if you’re looking for an agent, talk to some of the women at Windermere or Prudential (sorry, I don’t know any of the guys).

Speaking of real estate, Yahoo’s real estate page (based on MLS data) says that as of October 29, the median price of an island home was $699,000, up 0.6% from September. That puts a sharper point on the question of housing affordability on the island. (more…)


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